Justice served up fresh

Strawberry pies always taste better when sponsored by UFW



Donut de Hawaii

Dodgers Suck

But the Giants suck harder


it must be Friday if I think this is funny: http://ping.fm/RSQlb

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technology is filled with the language of passivity and domination. I wonder which areas have the least offenses...

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cuz dilated pupils require cool shades

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Tres Leches Donut

Dude. Simply the best donut ever. Warm cakey donut with a tres leches filling. Mmmm!

Brooklyn Bridge

nearly froze my hands off taking pics and taking in the late evening scenery.

Dr. K

Kissinger, Michael J. Fox, and me.

MARCin it to DC

Takin the train from Baltimore to DC. From Camden Yards to Union Station in diesel style.

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Facebook status?

It would be nice to have a short utter to update my facebook status as well, perhaps with a specific tag. Thx!

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Event: Mixing YouTube Into Your Online Advocacy Strategy

from Allen Gunn, Executive Director, Aspiration:

"The next free seminar at the San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center, co-hosted by Aspiration and YouTube:

Mixing YouTube Into Your Online Advocacy Strategy
Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 5:00 to 6:30pm

Ramya Raghavan from YouTube will explain the YouTube Nonprofit Program, including demos, a discussion of the benefits and details on how to apply.

This will be followed by a discussion of the best tips and tactics for leveraging YouTube to raise awareness about your cause, with case studies of how to get your message out using video when your org is strapped for cash and staff.

Seating is limited, so please RSVP to seminars@aspirationtech.org.

The San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center is located at 1370 Mission Street near 10th Street, on the 4th floor. Complete directions and transit info can be found at www.sftechcenter.org. For additional information, please call (415) 839-6456.
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Uproar Over New Yorker Cover | The Maynard Institute

I think it's sad that so many people are blind followers of Obama.  Fine, he's better than McCain and would fight & win some important battles.  But to think he's a revolutionary icon to rally around just bugs the hell out of me.  So, it's refreshing some of this kind of analysis is finally coming out.  Elect him.  Love him.  But keep him accountable.  And don't ever forget that he's still just another politician who's part of the system.
Some of Obama's recent statements, about such subjects as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and Iraq, surprised his supporters, but Lizza, after close examination of this period of Obama's life, notes that 'perhaps the greatest misconception about Barack Obama is that he is some sort of anti-establishment revolutionary."Rather, every stage of his political career has been marked by an eagerness to accommodate himself to existing institutions rather than tear them down or replace them.' Obama, Lizza continues, 'campaigns on reforming a broken political process, yet he has always played politics by the rules as they exist, not as he would like them to exist. He runs as an outsider, but he has succeeded by mastering the inside game."
Uproar Over New Yorker Cover | The Maynard Institute
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