Project Charter

Use a Project Charter to create a basis for agreeing on a new technology (or any) project.  It creates a framework for making a decision, getting buy-in from all levels, and for clearly defining what you must accomplish.


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Sending mass emails and how to not get blocked by ISPs

You want to be compliant with the CAN-SPAM act.  Please conform (but don't be a conformist)!
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New Orleans and the NTC

Hello from the Big Easy! I'll be blogging sporadically about my experience at the NTC, and New Orleans in general.

Right now I'm attending an affinity group session for CiviCRM. It's a great nonprofit resource for doing online fundraising, event management, and sending out emails to members and donors.

Later, I'm hoping to volunteer with Rosana Cruz from Safe Streets, an organization in New Orleans , "that campaigns for a new criminal justice system in New Orleans, one that creates safe streets and strong communities for everyone, regardless of race or economic status."
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